Deadpool From Austria

Deadpool From Austria

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Deadpool from Austria needs medical

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Star Wars Trailer Analysis by Douglas Sharp

Star Wars Trailer Analysis by Douglas Sharp

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has the potential to redeem the franchise or be the last nail in the coffin, at least in some people’s eyes. While Star Wars will never truly die, its influence has diminished. Let’s take a look at the first teaser trailer, which has done nothing to help the division but neither has it widened it.

It opens with Rey standing on a desert planet and then Luke Skywalker commenting in a voiceover. While what Luke is saying is important, I want to focus on the visuals that we are seeing. The camera pans down and we see Rey’s lightsaber, which is very similar to the one Anakin made, that both he and Luke used. The design is slightly different, showing that it is likely that Rey used pieces of the lightsaber broken in the Last Jedi to make this one. This could be a sign that she continues to seek inspiration from those past Jedi to guide her, as well as honoring them. The Tie passes in front of us, the wing style like that of Kylo Ren’s Tie fighter. Rey take out her lightsaber and turns, preparing to run and then sprints in front of the incoming Tie, flipping above it as it reaches her.

The first thing that stood out to me was that she was waiting for this Tie fighter. Why? Even a Jedi is at a disadvantage in this situation, especially on an open field. The next is, if they are engaged in combat, why isn’t the pilot firing his weapons? So much of this seems like the trailer is trying to mislead us, which should be expected. The last thing that they want to imply is that Kylo is piloting this craft but never show him. This Tie is not the same as his Tie in the Last Jedi. If you look closer, this Tie fighter looks more like the Tie Interceptors that are seen in Return of the Jedi. This whole scene yells misdirection.

The next part shows a nice view of an A-wing flying to a city and then it cuts to Kylo Ren in a fight. The person he is fighting doesn’t look like a Resistance soldier. The color scheme of what the man is wearing is too dark. Problems within the First Order? A new dark side power has emerged? Maybe the Knights of Ren weren’t happy with Snoke’s death and found out it was Kylo who killed there leader, not Rey? I’m not sure what to make of the rebuilding of Kylo’s mask, as the brief glimpse offers no context. There are many who go into things outside the movie, but I’m not going to with this analysis.

The next part is just character glimpses to show us that the familiar faces are all there and to announce that Lando Calrissian, play by Billy Dee Williams, is making an appearance. How large that part will be, I don’t know, but that little scene brought a smile to my face. The last scene is the three new heroes looking at the wreckage of something large, possibly the Death Star. Which one, I don’t know. The landscape could easily be on Yavin Four or the Forest Moon of Endor. It ends with Luke stating “No one’s ever really gone” and the picture fading to black as the Emperor laughs.

This last part could be a huge misdirection, as the part the Emperor plays could be small, such as his force ghost hanging out in the ruins of the Death Star, or he could be central to the story. As long as the story is done right, either way could work.  A couple more things that stood out to me: many of the scenes shown in this teaser take place on a desert planet. Will it be a familiar planet, like Tatooine or somewhere new? Given that is appears they are searching for something, returning to Tatooine could be a possibility.

What are your thoughts on the teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? What do you think of my analysis?

Check out my own prediction of the opening crawl for Episode IX;

I obviously didn’t get the title right, but I would be thrilled if any of my ideas happened to be in the film.

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Hot off the presses from Valkyrie ll!

Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
#Valkyries #EpicFantasy
#PNR #Adultfantasy

“Calm yourself, Loki.”
“Calm me? Are you serious?” He blurted out, pacing back and forth at the end of the bed. “You’re telling me that she is watching our past? Right here, right now?”
The thought of it scared the living daylights out of him. The things he’d done, the people he’d done them for, no wonder Tisiphone was filled with such rage. She’d tried to kill him, twice, spouting words like Traitor, Betrayer, and Treason.
“She is learning.”
“Come on, Navina, you know more than just, she’s learning.” Loki shook his head, then scratched at the stubble on his chin. “And don’t give me that, I cannot intervene bullshit. This isn’t The Order and Pathen can’t hurt you anymore.”
“You too, are learning.” She replied, her back to him as she watched the flames in the hearth.
“And what, you’re my teacher?” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest as he muttered to himself.
“No, she is.”
Those words circled in his mind and he had to think hard. How could Tisiphone teach him anything? She was so young.
“Age means nothing when you can dream as she does.” Navina turned with a grin on her face. “Look at you, an ancient no less, yet you cease to learn from your mistakes. You are impatient and temperamental. You do not think before you act and you never take responsibility for that which you have left in shambles.”
“Yes, and you’re such a perfect being, we might as well call you Ellaria.” He snapped back at her. “But then, our most benevolent Lady of Light had a few skeletons in her closet too, didn’t she?”
“No one is perfect, Loki, not even Ellaria.”
“At least we both agree on something.” He choked out as Tisiphone began to toss and turn once more.
“Traitor.” She hissed, though her eyes never opened.
“We may make mistakes, but at least we learn from them!” Navina’s eyes closed and the room grew colder. “Now it is your turn…” She smiled, waving her hand before the hearth and the flames inside began to dance higher than before.
Loki couldn’t stop what was happening, his body felt light as a feather and the sounds of footsteps began to echo in his mind. “What are you doing?” He asked, fear taking hold as the scenery melted together and the footsteps grew even louder.
“Watch, and learn Loki!” Navina’s voice was but a distant whisper and the next thing he knew, he was back in the cold, dark caverns beneath Rihmsjalier…

Game On! A Gamelit Anthology Available now!

Game On! A Gamelit Anthology Available now!

What happens when gaming is your life? Explore the fast-paced world of GameLit in these ten stories by bestselling, award-winning authors. Gain levels! Win fat loot! And hang on as these tales take you everywhere from a grim dystopian world to a fantasy landscape where nothing is quite as it seems… – NYT bestselling author Alethea Kontis

In this futuristic retelling of Sleeping Beauty, a gamer hacktivist tries to take down the world’s largest matchmaking site…and stumbles on a side quest he never bargained for.

Husk – Stephen Landry

Adventure, excitement, the never ending thrill of discovering new worlds in an ever expanding sci-fi setting. All fun and games until you find yourself crashing with a bout of amnesia on an unknown alien world with no escape, and mystery down every corridor.

Battle Mage – USA Today bestselling author Pauline Creeden

Can a clan master control a player both in and out of the game? Jordan Park loves the sub-levels in his favorite game, Battle Mage. But when he sees someone important from his past suddenly show up in the game, he wonders if she is there because of her own choices, or if she’s controlled by someone else. The only way he can discover the truth is by fighting a battle highly stacked against him.

The Anchoring – USA Today bestselling author Alexia Purdy

In a futuristic America, a sixteen-year-old hacker turned Robin Hood, Tatiana Miramar, has lived her entire life in a wheelchair. She awaits the possibility of winning a lucrative lottery for a functioning body. After meeting a captivating stranger in the addictive, online virtual game called Red Herring, she’s given the chance to change her life for a steep price.

Level Ten – Danielle Annett

Trapped inside the Helix, Serina is forced to complete thirteen levels to win her freedom. If she loses, any chance of seeing her family again is lost, her life forfeit to the game – but can she overcome the unbeatable odds?

Tales of Inadon 1: The Disc – Avril Sabine, Storm Petersen and Rhys Petersen

When all actions have repercussions, it isn’t really a game… Carissa has felt lost since the death of her mother. Learning about the Guardians Of The Round Table and Inadon has her alternating between hope and disbelief. Dark forces, a role-playing game style world, magic and being able to make a difference. No wonder she can’t quite bring herself to believe it’s real.

What’s in a Username? – Angel Leya

When gamer girls Maddy and best friend Amber run into Maddy’s crush while playing the hot new MMORPG, Power, Maddy decides hiding behind her guy Avatar is the perfect way to get close to said crush–without all the stupid awkwardness that usually ties her tongue and unties her shoelaces. But when she suspects her best friend has eyes for the same guy, their gaming suffers… and there’s more at stake in the MMORPG than anyone realizes.

Loxley – Sarra Cannon

In a dystopian world where citizens log into The Realm online to escape from their dark reality, one hacker fights to make a difference as she goes in search of a rare artifact.

Shade and the Secrets of Summer Camp – Marilyn Peake

Shade and her best friend Kai attend summer school before starting their freshman year at a college for magically gifted students. Shade is a Ghost Whisperer, with an ability to help ghosts move into the afterlife. When she is contacted by a ghost within a virtual reality game, summer camp stops being fun and games, and turns instead into something deadly serious.

Real Challenge – USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp

Sometimes, the true challenge isn’t what you think… Top-rated gamer Spark Jaxley has made it to the World Championships, ready to give the competition her all. The stakes are high, the gaming is fierce, and her entire future is riding on the outcome. In the end, will she make the right choice?

Game On!

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The Latest from Valkyrie II the novel..

The latest from Valkyrie ll: Thanks, Mara Reitsma! 😛

“I can’t wait,” Sif added with a delighted grin and placed a kiss on Gil’s stubble-covered cheek. “Loki’s going to get a taste of his own medicine, and it’s high time, too!” She giggled but stopped short with a tilt of her head. “Yet, what if Ashe doesn’t want to play along?” She inquired softly as if speaking the words too loud would see them come to pass. “We can’t force her to do this.”
“Are you kidding me? She’s an assassin. One of their primary skills is impersonation, to get close to their target.” Gil assured them. “I’ve done similar things myself, to help me blend in. It’s all about the reconnaissance, learning the target’s habits so you can plan your attack. I’m sure she’d jump at the chance to pay Malice back in a big way.”
“Has he ever seen Ashe before? Won’t he be able to tell the difference?” Sif asked, nuzzling into Gil’s neck.
“She is quite skilled in the art of illusion.” Mist sighed, having given in to the persuasion at hand. “I have seen it for myself.”
“And if he doesn’t follow Ashe’s illusion of Malice and spill all he knows?” Sif cut in again. “I mean, knowing she was here would surely light a candle beneath him…”
“You mean, light a fire under his ass!” Gil chuckled, itching for a drink as his females rested against him.
“Yes, a fire under his ass.” Sif grinned and nipped at his ear.
He knew where this was going and if he had any hope in all the hells that were of seeing this through, he couldn’t give in to their wiles. “We will be prepared for all actions he might take.” He explained, pulling away from them and making for the desk, he poured himself a drink.
“How can we prepare, if we don’t know what he will do?” Mist asked, taking a seat across from him once more.
“I may be able to help answer that.” Came a voice from the doorway and all three of them turned to find a young, dark-haired female waiting for permission to enter.
“Oh?” Mist let out, rising from her chair to usher the female in.
“You have information for us regarding the prisoner?” Gil inquired, taking a seat in his own chair with a drink in hand. “Do you know why he’s come? Other than killing me, that is.”
“He made no mention of killing anyone, save for someone called Zander.” The female replied, her head still hung as she stood with hands clasped before her. “He’s looking for something.”
“Would explain why he was in the Hall in the first place.” Mist looked to Sif and then Gil. “There is much in that room to cause harm…”
“A weapon of sorts.” Gil nodded in agreement.
“And if he needed a weapon, to kill you?” She added, giving Gil reason to consider the question for a moment.
“We must take an inventory of the Hall, in case this isn’t the first time he’s been here.” Sif cut in, but Mist shook her head.
“How do you know this?” She let out, eyeing the female. “What is your name?”
“Morgan, my lady.” The female replied. “I was asked to speak with the prisoner, in hopes I could, tame him.”
“Tame him?” Sif blurted out.
“How?” Gil added, taking another drink.
“You are the Bard that Vanessa speaks of, and very fondly I might add.” Mist’s suspicion diminished and she smiled. “The two of you are, close?”
“As close as we can be!” The female smiled back.
“Well, if you can tame that one, then perhaps you could tame Loki if you had about five-thousand years.” Sif rolled her eyes and let out a giggle. “Firemages are temperamental at the best of times.”
“They do play with fire!” Morgan reminded her.
“Indeed!” Mist laughed. “But what about Loki? What did he say?”
“It was more of what he wouldn’t say, or do, for that matter. Even Vanessa tried, but he would have none of her seductive ways.” Morgan explained. “He loves her.”
“Who?” Gil choked out, placing his drink on the desk before him.
“Loki loves Malice. It’s clear as day on his face when you say her name. Were he ice, she would be the flame that melts him.” Morgan grinned. “She says jump, he asks not only how high but also where he’s to land.”
“Are you serious?” Mist narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms before her.
“His only wish is to find, it, and return to her, to please her. My guess is that he’s in the doghouse for something and he’s trying to make it up to her.”
“And he said nothing of what, it, was?” Gil inquired, scratching at the stubble on his chin.
“No, he did not.”
“And if Malice appears to him before he’s gotten what he came for…”
“He was searching the Hall, and who knows what the legions have stored in there.” Sif cut in.
“There could be a nuclear weapon in there for all we know,” Gil muttered, then poured another drink. “Get the Elves to inventory every weapon in Rihmsjalier. The repairs on the gate are almost complete and when they’re done, it’s to remain locked at all costs. We can’t risk anyone else popping in to raid the armories.”
“We need to know what his plans are.” Mist looked to Morgan. “Ask Vanessa to step up her attempts, perhaps even mention the Hall itself as a place she’d love to, take him.”
Morgan grinned back at her and turned on her heels, making for the door. Gil sat in his chair, rubbing at his eyes, and Sif waited patiently for Mist to stop pacing back and forth.
“You’ll wear a hole in the carpet.” She sighed, letting her chin rest in her hand.
“Sif, can you handle the inventory?” Mist stopped short and eyed their lover. “I will go will Gil and speak with Ashe. The sooner we find out what’s going on, the better.”
Sif rose from her chair and stretched her arms up, over her head. “Finally.” She grinned, blowing a kiss in Gil’s direction. “I will see the two of you, at the evening meal.”